How to Import Demo Content?

First, You need to make sure that you have the latest version of WordPress installation before you start to import demo content

If not, then you need to reset your WordPress installation with the Plugin such as WP Reset.

Now, You need to install and activate our theme and the recommended plugin.

Then, You need to install and activate One click import Plugin

After activating the plugin, You need to perform following steps:

  1. Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data

Then, Click on Import Demo Data button.

If your demo data import is successful, then will receive the following message.

Types of Error and Solutions:

1. Error Message: Warning: your server is using PHP safe mode. This means that you might experience server timeout errors.

Solution:  You need to contact your server hosting provider to increase the time for script execution.

2. Error Message: The customizer import file is not suitable for the current theme. You can only import customizer settings for the same theme or a child theme.

Solution: You must Contact our support team here.

3. Error Message: No correct file format. Please make sure to use the correct customizer import file.

Solution: Sometimes, the file may be corrupted so you need to use correct file. If the error persists then, Please contact our support team here.